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Pursuing Excellence

Next Generational

About Us

As a church our purpose is simple, we are here for the One.  We believe that the focus of our lives needs to be about glorifying Jesus (the One). We also know that as people who are passionate about Jesus we need to make Him known to anyone who hasn’t experience Him yet (the one). We believe that in doing these things we’re living out the greatest commandment. We want to help build an exciting church that the world doesn’t know it needs yet. A church that lives generously, celebrates innovation, champions growth, pursues excellence and builds for the next generation. We want to equip people and raise leaders who will contend for the future and believe that the greatest days for the church are before us, not behind us.

Why not come and join us on our journey.

Meet Dom & Loo

Dom and Loo lead Sunnyhill.

They are passionate about the church stepping into its destiny.  Their dream is to see Sunnyhill play it’s part in the transformation of the district and beyond for the glory of God.  Dom loves the word of God and is an anointed preacher that uses stories and humour to inspire people to live bigger and bolder lives for Jesus.  Loo is passionate about seeing people connect with their purpose in the local church serving God with their gifts and time.  She also has a burden to see people who don’t yet know Jesus find Him and see His perfect plan for their life outworked.  Dom and Loo have been married for 11 years and have 3 boys, Caleb, Judah and Zeke.

Sunnyhill.life is where you can join one of our amazing small groups. Maybe you fancy joining a football team, trying out new board games, learning to budget or digging deeper into the Bible with our incredible One Group. You can find all this and much more over at Sunnyhill.life

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