Discipleship 101

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At Sunnyhill, discipleship is central to what we’re about.  A lot of our ministries and activities are built around the intention of growing people in their faith.

Discipleship 101 is a 4 week course that provides space and time to get a handle on some useful building blocks to your faith.  In these relaxed, interactive, multimedia workshops we can get down to the core issues, ask some awkward questions and get some helpful answers.

You may have been around church for a long time or just started in your journey with God, either way, this course is designed to help prepare you for a life of faith by building firm foundations and to give you the tools to keep building on them.’


It is a workshop style hands on course created to give you the tools to grow in your faith.  It is a laid-back environment where you can learn, participate & ask questions.  Every week we look at different areas that are key to our spiritual growth.

  • The Bible
  • Prayer
  • Worship
  • The Holy Spirit


In all of these sessions we ask three questions – what, why & how?  We unpack these in multi sensory ways that are planned to keep you engaged.

All of the sessions should help you establish healthy disciplines in your life that will set you on a course of continual growth.  You will get the chance to be equipped, make new friends and have lots of fun in the process.

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