Engage Men’s Ministry

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Statistics suggest that in the UK the number of men in the church is on the decline.  Whilst there maybe many reasons for this we don’t want it to be true for Sunnyhill Church.  As a result, we want to raise bigger men of faith who will become better husbands, better fathers, better friends, better workers & ultimately better followers of Jesus.

Our aim is to –

Love Jesus

There is nothing more important than our relationship with God.  We want to create opportunities for men to connect with God and deepen their walk with him.  When we do this; better husbands are forged, better fathers are made, better friends are created and better disciples are raised and better lives are lived.

Love Church

It’s important for Christian men to hang out together.  We want to create opportunities for this to happen so that they can build strong friendships, having lots of fun and laughter whilst encouraging one another in their faith as they relate to one another.

Love Others

It’s important for Christian men to live out the Christian faith before those at work, the pub, at football or wherever they find themselves.  We want to create opportunities for this to happen so that people outside the church can see that we’re ‘normal’ but different.


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