Leadership 101

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Leadership 101

LEADERSHIP 101 is our response to Ephesians 4:11-13.  God is looking for more leaders who can equip the saints for works of service so that the church can grow into all that God has for it.  We run LEADERSHIP 101 so that we can intentionally invest into current and emerging leaders by equipping them with helpful insight and skills.  We need to raise more who can play a part in our church’s future –  leaders who are full of vision, committed in purpose & courageous in Spirit.

There is no need to register or even make us aware of your planned attendance, just show up.  It is simply a leadership space that we will be opening up once a month to train leaders.  We believe God will do something great with these times.  These spaces will be helpful for anybody involved in any area of leadership – Eldership, Lifegroup Leadership, Ministry Team, Pastoral Team etc.  The sessions will be lead by a mixture of both guest and in house speakers/leaders.

Whilst these spaces are built with Sunnyhill culture in mind, we are Kingdom minded and so we extend an invite to those from other churches who are involved in some form of leadership or who have a heart for it.  We are confident there will be helpful stuff to take away!

We are excited by the prospect of developing you as a leader, so why not come?


Coming up in 2016
6th March – Leading Behind the Leader: Andy Tilsley ( Pastor at Christchurch London – https://christchurchlondon.org )
3rd April – Leading Your Team
1st May – Leadership Organisation
5th June – Self Feeding Leadership
3rd July – Leaders and Sabbath


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