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Church is about so much more than sitting in buildings or services; at the core, church is about people. At Sunnyhill, we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to connect with some friends on the same journey…in circles, not just rows.

Lifegroups are made up of 8 -14 people that meet in people’s homes on various days and times in the week…across Poole & Bournemouth.  The purpose of them is to provide a space for people to build meaningful relationships with one another and to grow in their walk with Christ.  Lifegroups are integral to our process of discipleship at Sunnyhill.


What to expect…

We use Lifegroups to further the teaching from the previous Sunday morning and the current sermon series as a whole.  Every Monday we make the uniquely tailored study guide available on our resources area on our website.  People can engage with this in preparation for their Lifegroup in the week or alternatively use it as a personal study at home.  Most Lifegroups follow a similar pattern which is fellowship over drinks and nibbles followed by study & discussion, followed by prayer and sometimes worship.  Whilst there is a uniformity about Lifegroups they are not completely identical which means that you can expect socials throughout the year and maybe even days out or weekends away.  They are a brilliant place to connect and grow and we are confident that they will become your favourite evening/afternoon out in the week.

How to join one…

We encourage anyone wanting to get more involved in the life of Sunnyhill to attend our 4-session partnership course.  This will help you understand what we are all about and how you can get more involved in the life of the church.  We see partnership as a gate to greater connection both in serving and receiving.  Partnership courses run regularly, you can sign up online or alternatively register at the info point at one of our campus’.  After completing the Partnership Course you can register for a Lifegroup and we will work hard to place you in one.  Our model of Lifegroup is multiplication so we are starting new ones regularly.