Acts #onthejourneytogether

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Some call the book of Acts a model for church, others call it a manual for mission.  Some see it as the Acts of the Apostles, others see it as the Acts of the Holy Spirit.  Whatever your stance one thing is for sure, it is a book worth reading and learning from.  At Sunnyhill we long to be a gospel centered community that moves in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Our hope is that by unpacking some of the treasure in this book over the next 3 months in both morning and evening services we will see God do more #onthejourneytogether.

There are many ways to tackle this book.  We have decided to teach it by the words that have caught our hearts and imaginations.

Acts 1:1-11 WAIT (v4) – Waiting is a apart of our walk
Acts 2:4-13 FILLED (v4) – Why are we filled with the Spirit

Acts 2:14-41 BAPTISED (v38) – The command to repent & be baptised

Acts 2:42-47 DEVOTED (v42) – What a Jesus centered community looks like
Acts 3:1-10 WONDER (v10) – Are we filled with wonder?
Acts 4:1-22 COURAGE (v13) – Courageous even though ordinary

Acts 5:1-11 FEAR (11) – Fearing a mighty God

Acts 5:17-41 REJOICING (v41) Rejoicing in suffering

Acts 6:8-7-60 OPPOSITION (6v9) – Persecution isn’t avoidable
Acts 8 SCATTERED (v4) – The power of a scattered church

Acts 9 CHOSEN (v15) – Paul; God’s chosen instrument

Acts 10 ACCEPTED (v35) – The good news is for all
Acts 12 PRAYING (v12) – The effective church
Acts 13 SENT (v3) – The momentum of mission
Acts 16:16-40 SHAKEN (v26) – Worship that frees
Acts 17:16-34 DISTRESSED (v16) Anguish/distress that drives us to mission
Acts 19:21-41 UPROAR (v29) When God moves on a city
Acts 20:13-38 COMPELLED (v22) ‘I consider my life worth nothing to me…’
Acts 23:1-11 TESTIFY (v6) The Lord’s commands to continue to testify
Acts 26 HOPE (v6) Hope in God’s promises
Acts 28:17-30 PROCLAIM Paul Proclaimed the Kingdom of God and Taught about Jesus boldly and without hindrance