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Ministry Leader: Sarah Jones

Ministry Team: Sarah, Jo, Donna, Nikki, Cheryl, Kerry, Mike and many many awesome helpers!

Our heart is to

Isaiah 54:13:

All your children shall be taught of the Lord,
And great shall be the peace of your children.

We want to teach our Sunnyhill children of the Lord not just outwardly by his word, but inwardly by his spirit.  We want children to have clear discoveries of God’s love which will bring about deep peace in their hearts.

Sunnykids is action packed with worship, games and activities, prayer and play as well as Bible stories and teaching.  These are all aimed at giving our Sunnyhill children clear discoveries of God’s love for them so that they grow in their faith in Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Who’s it for?

Children aged reception to year 6.

When & Where?

Every Sunday morning at church between 11am – 12.05pm