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We live in a consumerist society that is driven by an attitude of ‘what can I gain?’ rather than ‘what can I give?’ In a day and age when society generally does not welcome commitment we believe it is God glorifying and essential to the building of God’s church. Partnership is a way of connecting with the life of Sunnyhill on a more meaningful level. As we desire to see God establish and work out His plans in and through us it’s essential we are unified in belief and vision that we may remain together and pull in the same direction.

We value every individual and believe God wants each of us to be equipped and used to build the body. God can speak through each of us equally; therefore we encourage freedom, that each will be released to discover the call God has on our lives for His glory and to bless the fellowship (1 Cor 12:12-31).

• In Acts 2:37-47, we see that there is a numerical record of those who have professed
Christ and been filled with the Holy Spirit (v. 41) and an acknowledgement that the church
was tracking the growth (v. 47).

• In Acts 6:1-6, we see elections take place in order to address a specific problem and

• In Romans 16:1-16, we see what appears to be an awareness of who is a church

The purpose of the partnership course is to clarify what the church believes and where the church is going. It is split into two sessions – ‘Partnering in Belief’ and ‘Partnering in Vision.’ By partnering with us you will be entitle to come to our partners meetings that will be held on the evenings of vision Sundays. This will happen twice a year at the very least.

At these meetings we will present our thinking and vision to the partners where we can have discussion, ask questions, bring ideas and raise concerns.  We are not congregational in governance but rather want to encourage ownership to the wider church body.

The bottom line is – we only want those committed to the life of Sunnyhill speaking into the life of Sunnyhill.

It is our conviction that God’s plan for His church is that we would belong to a local covenant community of faith. This is for our own protection, growth and for the good of others. If you only see church as place you feed from then you severely limit the likelihood of growing into maturity.

We ask each person to prayerfully consider the step of partnership.  If you would like to find out more about partnership please email –