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Join us once a month to pursue a greater understanding of God and a deeper love for Him. We will be ‘digging deep’ into God’s word to discover more of His character, heart, and nature, and how it all relates to our lives and world. It should be fun!

In our last session together we reflected on the devastating and tragic consequences of the Fall in Genesis 3. In their disobedience, humanity turned their backs on the God who made them and forfeited the joy and delight of fellowship with Him. It was a sad day…
But the story did not end there. God, in His mercy and grace, set into a motion a plan to restore and renew all that was lost and broken. In this session we will discover how God set about redeeming the tragic consequences of the fall by establishing a covenant between Him and His people that will turn the despair and sadness of Genesis 3 into the hope and joy of Revelation 21.
We are very excited to welcome Phil Webb to lead us through this session. He is an outstanding bible teacher with over 40 years of ministry experience. The session will be held on Wednesday 9th March, 7pm @ our Parkstone campus. Be sure to join us for what will be a great evening!


NOTE: There will be no lifegroups during this week.