Welcome to the One Bible Plan

First things first… Happy Christmas!

I’m praying this short note finds you happy, healthy and enjoying the festivities. 

At the risk of distracting you from Christmas Day celebrations, can I ask you a question? What do you want in 2018? What plans, goals, ambitions do you hold in your heart as you look ahead to the new year? Whatever those things might be, I’d like to challenge you to make one desire supreme over every other: the desire to grow in your faith.

Time and again in the New Testament the people of God are encouraged, challenged, commanded to be people who grow (e.g. 2 Peter 3:18, Ephesians 4:15, 1 Peter 2:2, Colossians 2:19). So, however, the details of your life pan out in 2018, one thing is undeniably true: God’s desire for you is growth. Can we make His desire our desire as well? 

There is, of course, a difference between desiring something and choosing to pursue it. For example, I imagine it is probably true that most people have the desire to be fit and healthy physically, but how many of us are actually willing to put in the required time and effort to see the desire realised? Growth in any area of our lives requires more than just good intentions. It takes focus, discipline, and intentionality. This is equally true when it comes to spirituality (see 1 Corinthians 9:24-27). 

I’m no biologist, but I learnt enough at school to know that all living organisms grow as you feed them. Plants, animals, human beings etc all grow and are sustained as they are fed. The same principle applies to our spiritual lives. The important question, then, is how and what is your spiritual life being fed?

This can be done in many ways, but the primary, and perhaps most effective, way to do this is to ensure that you are regularly feeding on the scriptures. To nourish, strengthen, and inspire your soul, there is no better place to go than the living word of God.

In 2018, we’d like to challenge you to get serious about feeding your soul. I hope you have managed by now to grab the ‘One Bible Plan’ (If you haven’t, you can find them at the connect point) – it will take you through the entire Bible in one year, and it’s a great way to get yourself started in the new year. Additionally, let me encourage you to join the ‘Sunnyhill One Bible Plan’ Facebook group. This will be regularly updated with articles and resources to help you along the way.

Before we hit the new year, however, in an effort to inspire, motivate, and warm us up to this challenge, I will be hitting your inbox each day between now and January 1st with short reflections on why it is a good idea to commit to reading the word in 2018.

Right, enjoy the rest of your day. Many blessings!


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