The ‘Daily Phil’

With Phil Coleman

This particular bible reading plan is unlike a conventional reading schedule. The aim is not to try and get through the whole bible in a year, but rather just to read one book each month.

This year we want you to read less and think more. The reason for this is to encourage slower, but deeper reading. God really does want to speak to you through the scriptures, so as you follow this plan, read slowly and read carefully, and perhaps begin to think of it less as ‘reading the word’, and more as ‘listening to His voice.’

Readings are given for each weekday, leaving you with weekends to catch up if you fall behind. To help you engage with each reading there will be vlogs, blogs, articles and other resources posted on the ‘Sunnyhill’s One Group’ facebook page (click below) each day, so feel free to join in by becoming a member of the group.